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Turbochargers & Gaskets (PRT92)

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Swedish Truck Parts supply a full range of Turbochargers from leading Brands such as Garret, Holset and Mahle
for all makes of Trucks and Buses please telephone us on 01706 650999
or e-mail your requirements on stpuk@swedishtruckparts.co.uk

S1379 (New) Turbocharger (PRT92)S1379 (New) Turbocharger (PRT92)
S1158 (New) Turbocharger (PRT92)S1158 (New) Turbocharger (PRT92)
S1176 Turbo - Exhaust Manifold Gasket (92)S1176 Turbo - Exhaust Manifold Gasket (92)

S1341 Oil Feed Gasket (92)S1341 Oil Feed Gasket (92)

S1170 Oil Return Gasket (92)S1170 Oil Return Gasket (92)

S1052 Turbo Return HoseS1052 Turbo Return Hose