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(Stralis/AD/AT/AS Stralis) Filters / General Service Parts

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IV3062 Air Filter (AD/AS Stralis)IV3062 Air Filter (AD/AS Stralis)
IV3063 Air Filter Flame Retardant (AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV3063 Air Filter Flame Retardant (AD/AT/AS Stralis)
IV1009 Oil Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV1009 Oil Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=228mm x D=108mm
IV1011 Oil Filter (AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV1011 Oil Filter (AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=231mm x D=104mm
IV1012 Oil Filter Complete (AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV1012 Oil Filter Complete (AD/AT/AS Stralis)
Includes IV1011
IV3067 Fuel Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV3067 Fuel Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=170mm x D=110mm
IV3068 Fuel Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV3068 Fuel Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=170mm x H=110mm
IV2107 Fuel Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV2107 Fuel Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=195mm x D=96mm
IV3070 Fuel Filter (AD/AT Stralis)IV3070 Fuel Filter (AD/AT Stralis)
L=210mm x D=93mm
IV3076 Fuel Filter (AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV3076 Fuel Filter (AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=218mm x D=108mm
IV3073 Fuel Pre-Filter (Stralis)IV3073 Fuel Pre-Filter (Stralis)
L=158mm x D=108mm
IV2102 Fuel Pre-Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV2102 Fuel Pre-Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=210mm x D=93mm
IV3072 Fuel / Water Separator Filter (AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV3072 Fuel / Water Separator Filter (AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=217mm x D=108mm
IV3071 Fuel Pre-Filter - Complete (AT Stralis)IV3071 Fuel Pre-Filter - Complete (AT Stralis)

IV3074 Fuel Pre-Filter - Complete (AT Stralis)IV3074 Fuel Pre-Filter - Complete (AT Stralis)

V3956 AdBlue Urea Filter Insert (AD/AT/AS Stralis)V3956 AdBlue Urea Filter Insert (AD/AT/AS Stralis)

S3606 AdBlue Urea FilterS3606 AdBlue Urea Filter

IV1008 Crankcase Breather Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV1008 Crankcase Breather Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=262mm x W=139mm
S7013 Power Steering Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)S7013 Power Steering Filter (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)

S6113 Air Dryer FilterS6113 Air Dryer Filter
L=162mm x 140mm
V6629 Air Dryer Filter (H/Duty)V6629 Air Dryer Filter (H/Duty)
(Alternative to S6113 ) with Moisture & Oil Particle removal
IV9097 Cab Heater / Pollen (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)IV9097 Cab Heater / Pollen (Stralis, AD/AT/AS Stralis)
L=450mm x W=270mm
IV9098 Cab Heater / Pollen Filter (AD/AS Stralis)IV9098 Cab Heater / Pollen Filter (AD/AS Stralis)
Activated Carbon L=450mm x W=207mm