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Intercooler Hoses & Valves

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V2971 Intercooler Pipe (FH12/FM12)V2971 Intercooler Pipe (FH12/FM12)
Fitted on the Turbo Side of the Engine (Hot)
V1963 (Upper) Intercooler Hose (L-150mm x D=81mm)V1963 (Upper) Intercooler Hose (L-150mm x D=81mm)
All Vehicles
V2087 (Lower) Intercooler Hose (L-397mm x D=81mm)V2087 (Lower) Intercooler Hose (L-397mm x D=81mm)
Latest Version - Replaces Old Type with Metal Flanges
V1962 Turbo Hose (L=65mm x D=56mm)V1962 Turbo Hose (L=65mm x D=56mm)