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Gearbox Electrics & Controls

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V4154 Gearbox Inhibitor Valve (4 bolt)V4154 Gearbox Inhibitor Valve (4 bolt)
Fitted to the Rear of the Turret Housing
V4153 Gearbox Inhibitor Valve (2 bolt)V4153 Gearbox Inhibitor Valve (2 bolt)
Fitted to the rear of the Gearbox
V8191 Range Change SolenoidV8191 Range Change Solenoid
All Vehicles
V1423 PTO SolenoidV1423 PTO Solenoid
Vehicles fitted with PTO gear
V8363 Reverse Light SwitchV8363 Reverse Light Switch
All Vehicles
V8380 Speed Impulse SensorV8380 Speed Impulse Sensor
Vehicles with R/SR1400 & R/SR1700 Gearboxes
V8404 D-Plug Repair KitV8404 D-Plug Repair Kit
For V8191,V1423 & V8363