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Filters / General Service Parts

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S1059 Air Stack Rubber Mounting (GPR82/92/112/142)S1059 Air Stack Rubber Mounting (GPR82/92/112/142)
Fitted to lower part of the Airstack
S1015 Oil Spinner Service KitS1015 Oil Spinner Service Kit
All Vehicles
S1077 Fuel Filter (GPRT92/112/142)S1077 Fuel Filter (GPRT92/112/142)
2 x Required per vehicle
S1528 Fuel Pre FilterS1528 Fuel Pre Filter
All Vehicles
S1076 Oil / Turbo Filter (GPRT82/92/112/142)S1076 Oil / Turbo Filter (GPRT82/92/112/142)
All Vehicles
S2019 Water FilterS2019 Water Filter
All Vehicles
S7013 Power Steering FilterS7013 Power Steering Filter
All Vehicles
S9017 Cab Heater Filter (GPRT92/112/142)S9017 Cab Heater Filter (GPRT92/112/142)
All Vehicles
S6367 Air Dryer Desiccant Repair KitS6367 Air Dryer Desiccant Repair Kit
All Vehicles with Air Dryers