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Exhaust System

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We supply Dinex exhaust Systems
Dinex is the global market leader in development, production and sales of exhaust spare parts for trucks, vans and buses.
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Euro V / SCR Exhaust Silencer / DPF Systems
NOX Sensors
D3093 Exhaust Pipe (CF85/XF95/XF105)D3093 Exhaust Pipe (CF85/XF95/XF105)

D3095 Exhaust Tailpipe (F75/F85/F95)D3095 Exhaust Tailpipe (F75/F85/F95)
D3101 Exhaust Tailpipe (CF85/XF105)D3101 Exhaust Tailpipe (CF85/XF105)
D3021 Exhaust Clamp (LF45/LF55)D3021 Exhaust Clamp (LF45/LF55)
Inner Diameter=80mm
D3019 Silencer (LF 45/55)D3019 Silencer (LF 45/55)
Length=990mm / Diameter=252mm
D3003 Exhaust Silencer (F95/65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/CF65/CF75/CF85/XF95)D3003 Exhaust Silencer (F95/65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/CF65/CF75/CF85/XF95)
D3029 Silencer (CF75/CF85)D3029 Silencer (CF75/CF85)
Length=540mm (For Vertical System)
D3091 Silencer (CF75/CF85/XF95)D3091 Silencer (CF75/CF85/XF95)
D3102 Silencer (CF75/CF85/XF95/XF105)D3102 Silencer (CF75/CF85/XF95/XF105)