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Cab Heater / Air Conditioning Equipment

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D9311 Heater Motor (LF45 IV/LF55 IV)D9311 Heater Motor (LF45 IV/LF55 IV)
Complete with Housing
D9099 Cab Heater Motor (F65/F75/F85/F95/65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/XF95/XF105)D9099 Cab Heater Motor (F65/F75/F85/F95/65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/XF95/XF105)
Complete with Housing
D9354 Cab Heater Resistor (65CF/75CF/85CF/CF65/CF75/CF85/XF95/XF105)D9354 Cab Heater Resistor (65CF/75CF/85CF/CF65/CF75/CF85/XF95/XF105)

D9329 Heat Radiator Exchanger (65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/XF95/XF105)D9329 Heat Radiator Exchanger (65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/XF95/XF105)
555mm x 250mm
D9099A Cab Heater Motor (F65/F75/F85/F95/65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/XF95/XF105)D9099A Cab Heater Motor (F65/F75/F85/F95/65CF/75CF/85CF/95XF/XF95/XF105)
For D9099
D9321 Air Conditioning Compressor (See Info)D9321 Air Conditioning Compressor (See Info)
(1 Groove x 133mm Pulley)
D9322 Air Conditioning Compressor (65CF/CF65/CF85)D9322 Air Conditioning Compressor (65CF/CF65/CF85)
(8 Rib x 123mm Pulley)
D6105 Air Conditioning Compressor (CF85 IV/XF95/XF105)D6105 Air Conditioning Compressor (CF85 IV/XF95/XF105)
(7 Rib x 136mm Pulley)
D9308 Air Conditioning Dehydrator (F95/95XF/XF95/XF105)D9308 Air Conditioning Dehydrator (F95/95XF/XF95/XF105)

D9320 Dehydrator (CF75 IV/CF85 IV/XF95/XF105)D9320 Dehydrator (CF75 IV/CF85 IV/XF95/XF105)

D9324 Expansion Valve (CF/XF)D9324 Expansion Valve (CF/XF)

D9325 Condenser (F95/95XF/XF95/XF105)D9325 Condenser (F95/95XF/XF95/XF105)
540mm x 470mm
D9326 Condenser (See Info)D9326 Condenser (See Info)
432mm x 455mm
D9327 Condenser (LF45 /IV/LF55 /IV)D9327 Condenser (LF45 /IV/LF55 /IV)
413mm x 504mm
D9328 Condenser (XF95 XF105)D9328 Condenser (XF95 XF105)
540mm x 490mm
D9365 Heater MotorD9365 Heater Motor

V9804 Heater Motor Assembly (LF45 IV/LF55 IV)V9804 Heater Motor Assembly (LF45 IV/LF55 IV)